Gambling Tips for Beginners: Online Casino Games to Avoid

Even if you are not a gambling enthusiast, the massive selection of online casino games on the internet will entice you. Many beginners in the field agree that one of the most tempting factors that attracted them to the industry is the number of fun games they can try. After all, casinos and gambling's primary purpose is entertainment and recreation. Hundreds of casino sites online compete for customers through their impressive game portfolios. However, if you are a newbie in the field, choosing from a sea of game options can be a headache.

No matter what your gaming preferences are, the online casino will have something to offer you. But if you are still building your casino profile, choosing which games to consider might get challenging. Many casino starters quit their journey because they got discouraged from trying out the wrong casino games. If you are a starter, we can give you some tips on which online casino games to avoid. Read through our list.

#1. Bingo

online casino games bingo

Many casinos, both in-land and online, offer a range of Bingo rooms. While many casino players still like holding their Bingo cards, we do not recommend this for beginners. Unlike other online casino games, the chances of winning this game are relatively low. You can spend hours waiting for your Bingo and use portions of your gambling budget without really winning. What makes it even worse is that you do not have control. Bingo is one of the few casino games where you only really wait and rely on your luck. Where's the fun in that?

#2. Keno

online casino games keno

Keno is also a popular online casino game with low entertainment factor and winning odds. This game is just like a combination of Bingo and lottery. You pick your number and wait if you hit anything in the announcement of the winning numbers. There is no player control. Its house edge, which is 20 to 30 percent, may also be the highest among all casino games. In computation, you lose an average of 20 to 30 dollars per 100 dollars bet you make.

#3. E-sports Betting

online casino games E-sports betting

Sports betting is one of the wealthiest industries gaining trillions of revenues per year. The sports betting practice is a widely loved practice that puts millions of money to bettors' pockets. Recently, casinos also opened this platform for eSports. The reason why you should avoid betting on this field is that eSports are generally complicated. In sports, many fans developed expertise in assessing the game, and many teams and athletes have already built their names. For this reason, knowing which teams or athletes you should place your bets on is already a lot easier.

However, eSports is a field that few people barely mastered. Even if you casually play your favorite mobile games, it does not guarantee that you already understand the game. There are too many factors to consider, which may be difficult for beginners.

Casinos have expanded their platform to the online world to reach more gaming and gambling enthusiasts. If the casino field already caught you, there is no shame in admitting that their game selections are indeed enticing. We understand you, and we also understand the dilemma of not knowing which games to try first as a newbie. We got you. Eliminate these online casino games from your list for a better gambling kickstart.

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