Rise of olympus

Playing the Rise of Olympus slot machine can bring you the thrills of ancient Greece, the Greek gods, and even the Gods themselves. The slot game is set on a 5×5 grid with cascading symbols. In order to win, you need to match three or more of the same symbols. As they fall down the grid, the winning combinations will be eliminated and replaced. Once you have formed three or more winning combinations, a Wild symbol will appear in the middle position. As the reels cascade down the grid, the multiplier will increase.

When a winning combination appears, all other symbols are removed and new ones drop down. The middle symbol of each row will become a wild symbol. As the symbols drop down, a multiplier increases. This multiplier is reset to one after a non-winning drop. In addition to its wild feature, the Rise of Olympus slot features a hand of God feature. The three Gods will take over the middle position of the paytable, transforming one set of symbols into another.

When you win a line, the winning symbols are removed and the remaining symbols drop down. In this feature, the wild symbol appears in the middle location. As the winning combinations fall down, the multiplier increases. This multiplier increases with consecutive wins until no winning combinations remain. In addition to a wild symbol, this slot game has three feature symbols: a wild symbol, a multiplier, and a scatter symbol.