Crystal crush

The Crystal Crush slot machine is an innovative video game featuring a hexagonal grid and 6 progress tablets. The background is tropical, with a vibrant soundtrack. The symbols are all of the same color, and the winning combinations must consist of the same symbol. You can earn a bonus every time a cluster is crushed. This slot game has six levels of crystal bonuses, and you can win the jackpot if you manage to collect enough clusters.

This game is owned by Dish Network in the US, but it is based on a popular game. This online game uses an opaque substance to create extra winning combinations. You will be rewarded with a 2x multiplier if you land on Level 1, and three random symbols of the same colour will become wild when you land on Level 2. Then, the process goes on to Levels 3 and 4, and when you reach Level 4, you’ll get six randomly chosen symbols of the same color.

In addition to the multipliers, Crystal Crush has a progressive bonus system. This means that the more levels you reach, the more money you can win. The more you win, the more crystals you can collect. If you’re lucky enough to land on Level 3, you’ll get an additional 3x multiplier. This is followed by Level 4, and six more wild symbols are added to your winning combinations. If you’re lucky enough to get a combination that combines five or more symbols of the same color, you’ll get a six-fold prize.